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National Emblem

National Emblem of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, which is below the crest and red bow with the words: Lao PDR. His two sides are surrounded by a handful of paddy in the shape of a half moon and the red knot, with the words: Peace, Independence, Democracy, Unity, Prosperity. Between the two handfuls of paddy is the image of the That Luang. At the center of the circle road, field, forest and hydroelectric dam.

National Flag

The National Flag of the Lao People's Democratic Republic Is A dark blue background with red borders and a white moon. The width of the flag IS Two Thirds of ITS length. The area of the red side borders are EACH IS one half of the dark blue area. The area of the white Moon Is Equal to oven fifths of the dark blue area.


The National Anthem of the Lao People's Democratic Republic

is " Xat Lao "


ການເລືອກຕັ້ງ ສສຊ ຊຸດທີVII

ການເລືອກຕັ້ງ ສສຊ ຊຸດທີ VIII


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