AIFOCOM (AIPA Fact Finding Committee) To Combat Drug Menace was established as a mandate of the Resolution 22GA/2001/Soc/02 of the 22nd AIPO General Assembly. Members of AIFOCOM shall consist of one representative from each AIPO (now AIPA) member country and Special Observer country. It shall have a Chairman appointed by the President of AIPO and the Chairman shall appoint a Secretary General to the AIFOCOM. AIFOCOM shall meet at least once a year, preferably in the country where the General Assembly is to be held year. Further meetings and location of the meeting may be agreed by the member countries on a consensus basis upon proposal of the Chairman with the consent of the President of AIPO. The AIPO country hosting the meeting shall make available to AIFOCOM the appropriate staff and facilities as well as the AIPO Secretariat in Jakarta to assist it in fulfilling its tasks. The funds to support the research and the fact-finding mission according to the plan of activities of the following year shall be proposed by AIFOCOM and decided by the General Assembly. The General Assembly may decide the manner and timing for the release and allocation of the required funds from the AIPO budget for the necessary activitie of AIFOCOM. AIFOCOM shall undertake visits and conduct dialogue with Drug fighting agencies of member countries and Special Observer Countries to promote mutual understanding and the exchange of information. AIFOCOM shall submit its report to the General Assembly on the progress of its activities for the current year and its working agenda for the following year.
The AIFOCOM shall have the following functions:

  1. To facilitate the exchange of information and understanding among ASEAN member countries in their fight against the Drug menace;
  1. To compile and disseminate a list of laws within ASEAN related to the fight against the Drug menace and to evaluate the pertinent legislation and enforcement needs of ASEAN member countries;
  1. To encourage ASEAN member governments to make accessible their laws, policies and programs on Drug control to the other member countries
  1. To monitor actions taken by member countries on the implementation of laws, policies and programs on Drug eradication;
  1. To consult with and/or request the assistance of international or national organization, scientific institutions and experts in the performance of its functions; and
  1. To establish and maintain a working relationship with governmental and non governmental organizations in combating the drug menace.

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